South central and western Oklahoma offer scenic prairie ridges interwoven by deep oak-lined canyons feeding down to the Canadian river. These native sand shinnery and sand sagebrush rangelands of northwest Oklahoma are crucial for survival of the lesser prairie-chicken; a species deemed “the greatest conservation need in Oklahoma”. Paradoxically, this same area is ideal for creating abundant sources of energy including wind, oil and natural gas. Efforts to produce this energy are projected to increase rapidly over the next few years. The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife and their many partners have worked to create strategic relationships with both landowners and energy producers to create the best possible outcome for everybody.

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For additional assistance or questions regarding resources available, contact:

Doug Shoeling, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

PO Box 53465

Oklahoma City, OK 73152


Russ Horton, Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation

PO Box 53465

Oklahoma City, OK 73152